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Water Well Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling

Say Goodbye to Water Problems

We can help you through the water well drilling process from obtaining local Bemidji water well permits, to drilling the well, to getting you set up with a top quality water pump to flow water directly into your home or business.

Water Conditioners and Water Softeners

Get Rid of Pesky Hard Water Problems

From water well conditioners to water well softeners— we can identify the right solution for your needs. Our experienced team can install water softening or conditioning solutions that will reduce water contaminants, electricity use, and scale buildup all while delivering better-tasting water and extending the life of your appliances.

Pump Sales & Service

Residential & Commercial

We offer pumps ranging from residential/submersible to completely high volume, submersible, high service pumps for municipal and industrial systems.

Well Sealing

Seal For Safety

Abandoned or old wells are a health and safety hazard—leaving the potential for contaminated groundwater. We can make sure that your old well is not a danger to other people and the environment by having it sealed by our professional, licensed crew.




Aqua Well Drilling has provided quality, productive water well drilling products and services since 1972 for many customers throughout Bemidji, MN and the Beltrami County.

Our mission is to help customers when they need service, and when they need answers. We’re happy to answer questions, advise, and deliver the best possible water well products or services most fitting to your situation.


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For more in-depth information on the details surrounding well ownership, take look at the Well Owner’s Handbook, A Consumer’s Guide to Water Wells in Minnesota from the Well Management Section of the Environmental Health Division, Minnesota Department of Health.