Why Drill Your Own Water Well?

The majority of the fresh ground water in the entire world is in the top 200 feet. Luckily for us, the average depth of all U.S. water tables is less than 100 feet! These facts make it easy to choose a water well drilling solution and get access to all the fresh water you could ever need.

Benefits of Water Well Drilling

  • You get an abundant supply of high-quality, fresh water for your home or garden.
  • Your own well water is a great alternative to chemical-tasting municipal water.
  • Water well drilling in Bemidji provides an affordable, economical alternative.
  • You can forget about city water restrictions in times of drought.

About Water Well Drilling

Water well rigs drill holes through soil and rock to reach groundwater below. Rotary drilling is the most common method. However, not all water wells are drilled in the same way. A steel casing is then placed in the hole to prevent surface water seepage into the well and to prevent it from collapsing.

Drilling Your Well & More

We’re proud of the work we do. In Bemidji, our team of local professionals are dedicated to helping you through the well drilling process from start to finish. We offer several great services that include water well drilling, maintenance, and even water softeners and conditioners. Note that we evaluate site-specific details, such as location or formation, to determine the best drilling method for your custom well.

If you would like to learn more about us and our water well services, browse our website or contact us today for more information.